Welcome to the new website!
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Hello, and welcome to the Squid Network website! This website is very new, and is VERY well designed.

Any bugs you find, please place them inside of the designated bug reports sections, same goes with any suggestions you may have for the server to make it better or enhance it in any way.

Applications also are open on this site, to apply go back to where the forums are listed, go to "Application Templates" and click one of the ranks you wish to apply for. Then go back and go to "Post Application Here", post it, and you should be all set!!

Please follow our social medias for any more information.

Twitter: https://twitter.com/NetworkSquid
Discord: https://discord.gg/AFs2pyR
IP: play.squid-network.com

We really hope you enjoy our network, please feel free to chat here and talk about the server!​